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App Development

Managing a business could be hard. We’ll make it easier with our state of the art Business Apps.

From our personal experience of running a coffee shop, we know how hard it is to manage a business. There’s so much to control and handle, and sometimes it’s hard to catch up with all the things in our business. As an extra reminder, management problems are the main reason why businesses fail.

We can help you in solving all these problems with our state of the art Business Apps. It ain’t only handle the sales transaction, but also management like payroll, stock control, business analysis, profit loss, and a lot of other features.

If you’re not sure we are the right choice, do contact us for FREE 1 month trial.

Our Business Apps package starts at IDR 1.500.000 for one time payment. Contact us for more info.


Contact Information

Coffeelogue | Jln Taman Sunter Indah Hj2 No 32
0813 1913 7492